Installing with pip

Install graphspace_python from PyPI using:

pip install graphspace_python

You can also get graphspace_python from the Python Package Index manually at To use pip, you need to have setuptools installed.

Installing from source

You can install from source by downloading a source archive file (tar.gz or zip) or by checking out the source files from the Git source code repository.

graphspace_python is a pure Python package; you don’t need a compiler to build or install it.

Source archive file

  1. Download the source (tar.gz or zip file) from or get the latest development version from
  2. Unpack and change directory to the source directory (it should have the files requirements.txt and
  3. Run python install to build and install.


  1. Clone the graphspace_python repository (see for options).
git clone
  1. Change directory to graphspace-python.
  2. Run python install to build and install.